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Accession TDpr-1035


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Passport data

Collection: Collection
Accession name: TDpr-1035 Accesion name
Country of origin: BEN - Benin Country of origin
Cultivar name: Itchou ookinkou Cultivar name
Collector's name: EWEDJE Eben-Ezer Name of person or institute collecting the accession
Donor name: Pr. DANSY Name of person or institute donating accession
Available: Yes Is accession available in genebank
In Core: No In Core collection
Ddigital Object Identifier: 10.18730/MYHCV A unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet.
Storage: Field collection Storage
Acceurl: http://my.iita.org/accession2/accession/TDpr-1035 Acceurl
Collecting number: BGT-210 Collecting number
Collection Date (String): 20141205 String representation of collection date. Format YYYYMMDD. Month and date are optional
Genus: Dioscorea Genus
Species: praehensilis Species
Species authority: Benth. Species authority
Subtaxa authority: Baker Subtaxa authority
Acquisition date: 24/02/2016 Acquisition date
Location: Bassila Location
Latitude: 9.017 Latitude
Longitude: 1.667 Longitude
Biological status of accession: 100 - Wild Biological status
Collecting/acquisition source: 10 - Wild Vegetation Collecting/acquisition source
Material: Tubers Material
Ecological/Vegatational zone: Forest Ecological/Vegatational zone
Collection code: BGT-210 Collection code
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