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Accession TMp-4


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Passport data

Collection: Musa collection Collection
Accession name: TMp-4 Accesion name
Accession number: 4 Accession number
Country of origin: IND - India Country of origin
Cultivar name: SILK Cultivar name
Available: Yes Is accession available in genebank
Collection: IITAMUS - Musa collection Collection
GRIN taxa: GRIN:24706 Taxonomy code as used in GRIN
Taxonomy number: 2654 SINGER Taxonomy number
FAO in Trust: No FAO in Trust
Annex 1: Yes Annex1
Ddigital Object Identifier: 10.18730/J69NP A unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet.
DuplSite: BEL084 DuplSite
Storage: In vitro collection Storage
Acceurl: http://my.iita.org/accession2/accession/TMp-4 Acceurl
Collecting number: ITC0348 Collecting number
Genus: Musa Genus
Species: acuminata Species
Subtaxa: plantain Subtaxa
Subtaxa authority: Colla Subtaxa authority

Banana-Plantain characterization

6.2.1 Pseudostem height (m): 2.1 to 2.9 6.2.1 Pseudostem height (m)
6.2.5 Predominant underlying colour of pseudostem: Watery green 6.2.5 Predominant underlying colour of pseudostem
6.3.1 Blotches at the petiole base: Sparse blotching (<20%) 6.3.1 Blotches at the petiole base
Blotches colour(petiole base): Mahogany (orange-brown like in Pisang Mas) Blotches colour(petiole base)
6.3.3 Petiole canal leaf III: Margins spreading 6.3.3 Petiole canal leaf III
6.3.4a petiole margins winged: Not winged 6.3.4a petiole margins winged
petiole margins clasping : Not clasping petiole margins clasping
6.3.6 Petiole margins colour: Pink-purple 6.3.6 Petiole margins colour
6.3.7 Edge of petiole margin: No contrast between margin and petiole (without a colour line along) 6.3.7 Edge of petiole margin
pigmentation of outer surface of cigar leaf: Green pigmentation of outer surface of cigar leaf
6.4.6 Bunch position: Slightly angled 6.4.6 Bunch position
6.4.7 Bunch shape: Truncate ( = cone shaped) 6.4.7 Bunch shape
6.4.12 Male Rachis position: Falling vertically 6.4.12 Male Rachis position
6.4.13 Rachis appearance: Bare 6.4.13 Rachis appearance
Male bud length{cm): Medium (20 cm < y < 30 cm) Male bud length{cm)
Male bud shoulder: Low shouldered (x/y ≥ 0.30) Male bud shoulder
6.5.2 Bract apex shape: Intermediate 6.5.2 Bract apex shape
6.5.3 Bract imbrication: Convolute 6.5.3 Bract imbrication
6.5.12 Bract behavior before falling: Revolute (rolling) 6.5.12 Bract behavior before falling
6.5.4 Colour of the bract external face: Purple 6.5.4 Colour of the bract external face
6.5.5 Colour of bract internal face: Red 6.5.5 Colour of bract internal face
6.6.2 Compound tepal main color: Cream 6.6.2 Compound tepal main color
6.6.4 Lobe colour of compound tepal: Cream 6.6.4 Lobe colour of compound tepal
6.6.13 Anther colour: Brown/Rusty-brown 6.6.13 Anther colour
7.10 Number of hands: 5.0 7.10 Number of hands
6.7.2 Number of fruits on mid-hand of the bunch: ≤12 6.7.2 Number of fruits on mid-hand of the bunch
6.7.3 Fruit length (cm): ≤15 cm 6.7.3 Fruit length (cm)
6.7.4 Fruit shape: Straight (or slightly curved) 6.7.4 Fruit shape
6.7.6 Fruit apex: Blunt tipped (plateau at tip) 6.7.6 Fruit apex
6.7.7 Remains of flower relicts at fruit apex: Without flower relicts (<20% of the fruits with relicts) 6.7.7 Remains of flower relicts at fruit apex
6.7.8 Fruit pedicel length (mm): 11 to 20 mm 6.7.8 Fruit pedicel length (mm)
6.7.11 Fusion of pedicels: Partially fused (up to 50% of the length of the pedicel) 6.7.11 Fusion of pedicels
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