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Accession TVSu-351


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Passport data

Collection: Bambara Groundnut collection Collection
Accession name: TVSu-351 Accesion name
Accession number: 351 Accession number
Country of origin: NGA - Nigeria Country of origin
Available: Yes Is accession available in genebank
Collection: IITABAM - Bambara Groundnut collection Collection
GRIN taxa: GRIN:105107 Taxonomy code as used in GRIN
Taxonomy number: 4224 SINGER Taxonomy number
Annex 1: Yes Annex1
Ddigital Object Identifier: 10.18730/FR84 A unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet.
Storage: Seed collection;Medium term;Long term Storage
Acceurl: http://my.iita.org/accession2/accession/TVSu-351 Acceurl
Collecting number: NQ78-217A Collecting number
Collection Date (String): 19781210 String representation of collection date. Format YYYYMMDD. Month and date are optional
Genus: Vigna Genus
Species: subterranea Species
Species authority: (L.) Verdc. Species authority
Subtaxa authority: (L.) Verdc. Subtaxa authority
Location: 8KM WEST MUBI TO GOMBI Location
Latitude: 10.26666667 Latitude
Longitude: 13.21666667 Longitude
Elevation: 575.0 Elevation
Biological status of accession: Cultivated Biological status
Collecting/acquisition source: 26 - Farm Store Collecting/acquisition source
Material: Seed Material

Bambara Evaluation

Susceptibility to Virus: Intermediate Susceptibility to Virus
Susceptibility to Cercospora: Low Susceptibility to Cercospora

Bambara characterization

Eye pattern: Big eye,more or less shapeless,becoming frayed Eye pattern
Ground color of testa: Dark purple Ground color of testa
Ground color of eye: Cream testa with brown triangular eye Ground color of eye
Pigmentation around eye: 16 Pigmentation around eye
Pods per plant: 43 Pods per plant
Seeds per pod: 1 Seeds per pod
100 Seed weight: 48.33 g 100 Seed weight
Seed yield : 0 kg Seed yield
Susceptibility to Virus: 5 Susceptibility to Virus
Susceptibility to Cercospora: 3 Susceptibility to Cercospora
Remarks: On network from Dr. Dumet Remarks/source
Total Pd Wt Per Acc: 4.05 Total Pd Wt Per Acc
Total Pd Wt Per Acc(Kg): 0.0026999999999999997 Total Pd Wt Per Acc(Kg)
Banner Length(cm): 0.5533333333333332 Banner Length(cm)
Grain Yield/Ha(kg): 43.199999999999996 Grain Yield/Ha(kg)
Grain Yield/Plot(kg): 0.00108 Grain Yield/Plot(kg)
No of Flower per Peduncle: 1.6733333333333336 No of Flower per Peduncle
No of Pods per Area (2.5mx1m): 8.0 No of Pods per Area (2.5mx1m)
Number of Trifoliate leaves: 32.733333333333334 Number of Trifoliate leaves
Open Flower Col: 1.0 Open Flower Col
Peduncle Length(cm): 0.5066666666666666 Peduncle Length(cm)
Pod Fill: 2.248333333333333 Pod Fill
Seed Wt per Acc: 2.896666666666667 Seed Wt per Acc
Seed Wt per Acc (kg): 0.0028966666666666667 Seed Wt per Acc (kg)
Terminal Leaflet Colour: 1.0 Terminal Leaflet Colour
Days to Emergence: 9 days Days to Emergence
Days to first flowering: 38 days Days to first flowering
Days to 50% flowering: 43.3333333333333 days Days to 50% flowering
Days to maturity: 125 days Days to maturity
Vigor Index: 4 Vigor Index scored on scale from 0 to 10
Growth habit: Semi-bunch Growth habit
Plant height: 16.34 cm Plant height
Canopy width: 28.9933333333333 Canopy width (Spread of plant)
No of leaves per plant: 123 No of leaves per plant
Leaflet shape: Lanceolate Leaflet shape
Terminal Leaflet Length: 5.9 mm Terminal Leaflet Length
Terminal leaflet width: 2.54 mm Terminal leaflet width
Petiole length: 8.68666666666667 mm Petiole length
Petiole color: 1 Petiole color
No of stems per plant: 8 No of stems per plant
No of branches per stem: 4 No of branches per stem
No of nodes per stem: 9 No of nodes per stem
Internode length: 0.953333333333333 cm Internode length
Pod length: 1.43046666666667 mm Pod length
Pod width: 1.09266666666667 mm Pod width
Pod shape: 2 - Ending in a point, with nook on the other side Pod shape
Pod texture: C - Much folded Pod texture
Pod color: Yellowish-brown Pod color
Shell thickness: 0.0461333333333333 Shell thickness
Seed length: 1.12413333333333 Seed length
Seed width: 0.867833333333333 Seed width
Testa pattern: Little rhomboid spotted on one side of the hilum only Testa pattern
IITA Accession - ver. 2  
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