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Accession TVu-3890


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Passport data

Collection: Cowpea collection Collection
Accession name: TVu-3890 Accesion name
Accession number: 3890 Accession number
Country of origin: NGA - Nigeria Country of origin
Cultivar name: KIRSTINZIELLA Cultivar name
Alternative Identifier: PI 447634 Alternative Identifier
Collector's name: K. RAWAL Name of person or institute collecting the accession
Available: Yes Is accession available in genebank
Collection: IITACOW - Cowpea collection Collection
GRIN taxa: GRIN:41647 Taxonomy code as used in GRIN
Taxonomy number: 100151 SINGER Taxonomy number
FAO in Trust: Yes FAO in Trust
In Core: Yes In Core collection
Annex 1: Yes Annex1
FIGS: Yes Focused Identification of Germplasm Strategy(FIGS) is traits oriented subset
Ddigital Object Identifier: 10.18730/Z36T A unique alphanumeric string assigned by a registration agency (the International DOI Foundation) to identify content and provide a persistent link to its location on the Internet.
DuplSite: NOR051 DuplSite
Storage: Seed collection; Medium term; Long term Storage
Acceurl: http://my.iita.org/accession2/accession/TVu-3890 Acceurl
In Mini Core: No In Mini Core
Collection Date (String): 19721013 String representation of collection date. Format YYYYMMDD. Month and date are optional
Genus: Vigna Genus
Species: unguiculata Species
Species authority: (L.) Walp. Species authority
Subtaxa authority: (L.) Walp. Subtaxa authority
Acquisition date: 13/10/1972 Acquisition date
Location: Maiduguri market Location
Latitude: 11.8833 Latitude
Longitude: 13.2667 Longitude
Elevation: 299.0 Elevation
Biological status of accession: 300 - Traditional cultivar / Landrace Biological status
Collection code: KR240 Collection code

Cowpea characterization

Days to first flowering: 45.0 days Days from planting to the notice of first flowering
Days to first ripe pod: 66.0 days Days from planting to first ripe pod
Pattern of pigmentation on plant: Moderate on base and tip of petioles Pattern of pigmentation on plant
Pattern of pigmentation on flower: Completely Pigmented Pattern of pigmentation on flower
Pattern of pigmentation on green pod: None Pattern of pigmentation on green pod
Plant growth habit: Intermediate:most lower branches touch the ground Plant growth habit
Twining tendency: Pronounced Twining tendency
Growth vigor: Intermediate - Height > 37.5cm or Width > 75cm Growth vigor
Determinacy: Indeterminate main stem Determinacy
No of main branches: 4.0 No of main branches
No of main stem nodes: 16.0 No of main stem nodes
Peduncle length : Long - Average length > 5cm Peduncle length
Raceme position: Above Foliage Raceme position
Terminal leaflet shape: Sub-Globose Terminal leaflet shape
Terminal leaflet length : 80.0 cm Terminal leaflet length
Terminal leaflet width : 50.0 cm Terminal leaflet width
No of pods/peduncle: 2 to 3 No of pods/peduncle
Pod attachment to peduncle: Erect Pod attachment to peduncle
Pod shape: Curved Pod shape
Pod length: 109.0 mm Pod length
Pod width : 7.0 mm Pod width
No of locules/pod: 12.0 No of locules/pod
Eye pattern: S00:Self Colored Eye pattern
Eye pattern code: S00 Eye pattern code
Eye color: M60:solid brown over tan Eye color
Eye color code: M60 Eye color code
Testa texture: S:Smooth Testa texture
Seed size: 810mg/10 seeds Seed size
Seed length : Short - slightly longer than it is wide Seed length
Seed thickness: Thick - thickness equal to width Seed thickness
Seed Crowding in pod: Semi-Crowder:slight indentation of seed ends Seed Crowding in pod

Cowpea Evaluation

Incidence of Leaf Spot (C. Canescens): None Incidence of Leaf Spot (C. Canescens)
Incidence of Leaf Spot (C. Cruenta): None Incidence of Leaf Spot (C. Cruenta)
Incidence of Bacterial Pustule: None Incidence of Bacterial Pustule
Incidence of Bacterial Blight: None Incidence of Bacterial Blight
Incidence of Target Spot: None Incidence of Target Spot
Incidence of Rust: Some Incidence of Rust
Incidence of Cowpea Mosaic Virus: None Incidence of Cowpea Mosaic Virus
Incidence of Anthracnose: Coalesced lesions Incidence of Anthracnose
Incidence of Other Diseases: Web blight - unspecified Incidence of Other Diseases
Percentage of Sulphur (combustion & titration): 0.200000002980232 Percentage of Sulphur (combustion & titration)
Percentage of Nitrogen (colorimetric analysis): 4.61999988555908 Percentage of Nitrogen (colorimetric analysis)
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