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Collection: Soybean collection

Currently active filters match 4948 accessions

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Not specified: 2499 matches
Australia: 1 matches
Brazil: 23 matches
Burkina Faso: 17 matches
Cameroon: 2 matches
Central African Republic: 1 matches
Chile: 51 matches
Dominican Republic: 1 matches
Honduras: 8 matches
India: 3 matches
Indonesia: 136 matches
Italy: 1 matches
Liberia: 4 matches
Mexico: 1 matches
Nigeria: 294 matches
Puerto Rico: 7 matches
Rwanda: 3 matches
Senegal: 1 matches
Taiwan: 5 matches
Taiwan, Province of China: 634 matches
Tanzania: 10 matches
Thailand: 14 matches
Uganda: 24 matches
United States of America: 1191 matches
Viet Nam: 3 matches
Zaire: 14 matches

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Accession passport data

Soybean Characterization

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