IITA Accessions 2

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TVNu-2 Vigna ambacensis Yes
TVNu-3 Vigna ambacensis Yes
TVNu-10 Vigna ambacensis Yes
TVNu-11 Vigna ambacensis Yes
TVNu-12 Vigna ambacensis Yes
TVNu-15 Vigna comosa Yes
TVNu-16 Vigna filicaulis Yes
TVNu-18 Vigna gracilis Yes
TVNu-19 Vigna heterophylla Yes
TVNu-20 Vigna hosei Yes
TVNu-22 Vigna kirkii Yes
TVNu-23 Vigna laurentii Yes
TVNu-24 Vigna luteola Yes
TVNu-26 Vigna luteola Yes
TVNu-28 Vigna luteola Yes
TVNu-29 Vigna luteola Yes
TVNu-34 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-35 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-36 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-37 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-38 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-39 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-40 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-41 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-42 Vigna oblongifolia Yes
TVNu-44 Vigna racemosa Yes
TVNu-45 Vigna racemosa Yes
TVNu-46 Vigna racemosa Yes
TVNu-47 Vigna racemosa Yes
TVNu-49 Vigna lasiocarpa Yes
TVNu-50 Vigna longifolia Yes
TVNu-53 Vigna filicaulis Yes
TVNu-54 Vigna reticulata Yes
TVNu-55 Vigna reticulata Yes
TVNu-56 Vigna reticulata Yes
TVNu-57 Vigna reticulata Yes
TVNu-59 Vigna reticulata Yes
TVNu-61 Vigna wittei Yes
TVNu-62 Vigna wittei Yes
TVNu-64 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-65 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-66 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-67 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-69 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-70 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-71 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-72 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-73 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-74 Vigna vexillata Yes
TVNu-75 Vigna vexillata Yes
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