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Collection: Cowpea collection

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Not specified: 13076 matches
Accra rain savanna: 1 matches
Accra/combretum true savannah: 7 matches
Base of Scarp: 11 matches
Base of south scarp: 1 matches
Derived Savanna: 85 matches
Desert: 1 matches
Desert Steppe: 20 matches
Desert Steppe/Weeded Savanna: 2 matches
Desert Steppe/weeded steppe: 1 matches
Dry zone of Sri Lanka: 2 matches
Edge of scarp: 1 matches
Edge of scarp(bottom): 1 matches
Forest: 325 matches
Guinea Savanna: 389 matches
Guinea Savanna base of scarp: 1 matches
Guinea Savanna grass land: 1 matches
Highland/Mountain: 10 matches
Low rainfall woodland savanna: 24 matches
Mangrove swamp: 5 matches
Middle Savanna: 1 matches
Montane: 258 matches
Mountain (MONTANE): 1 matches
Mountain (bottom of scrap): 1 matches
Mountain (on the scarp): 1 matches
Mountain on the south Scrap: 1 matches
On south scarp: 1 matches
Pre desert/weeded steppe: 3 matches
Sahel Savanna: 24 matches
Savanna: 407 matches
Savanna (Maritime): 1 matches
Savanna dominicol: 1 matches
Savanna pre-desert: 1 matches
Savanna wood land: 15 matches
Savanna/Forest transition: 182 matches
South scarp: 1 matches
Steppe desert: 3 matches
Stream side, Guinea Savanna: 1 matches
Sub-equatorial: 80 matches
Sudan Sahelian: 2 matches
Sudan Savanna: 1379 matches
Sudan Savanna(medium elevation): 2 matches
Sudan/sahel transition: 40 matches
Transition forest savana: 1 matches
Transition forest/savanna: 1 matches
Tree savanna: 20 matches
Tropical dry forest/desert steppe: 2 matches
Wedded pre desert steppe: 2 matches
Weeded pre desert steppe: 1 matches
Weeded steppe: 15 matches
Wooded steppe: 1 matches
coastal savanna: 5 matches
coastal zone: 28 matches
semi desert: 2 matches
weeded type: 1 matches

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