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IITA Accessions 2

Collection: Cowpea collection

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Not specified: 1470 matches
B10: 62 matches
B20: 81 matches
B30: 1151 matches
B41: 7 matches
B45: 10 matches
B51: 24 matches
B56: 1 matches
B71: 163 matches
B75: 11 matches
M11: 413 matches
M12: 80 matches
M15: 50 matches
M60: 182 matches
M65: 26 matches
R10: 188 matches
R40: 495 matches
R70: 26 matches
S11: 460 matches
S15: 56 matches
S61: 30 matches
S62: 3 matches
S63: 35 matches
S65: 6 matches
T10: 2012 matches
T16: 255 matches
T20: 994 matches
T41: 240 matches
T44: 212 matches
T57: 274 matches
T60: 534 matches
V11: 162 matches
V15: 3 matches
V61: 9 matches
V62: 1 matches
V71: 21 matches
V75: 4 matches
W20: 169 matches
W21: 661 matches
W22: 14 matches
W23: 141 matches
W25: 687 matches
W40: 78 matches
W41: 109 matches
W42: 9 matches
W43: 168 matches
W45: 293 matches
W60: 2 matches
W61: 4 matches
W62: 1 matches
W63: 1 matches
W65: 27 matches
W70: 1 matches
W71: 10 matches
W80: 3 matches
W81: 8 matches
X51: 79 matches
X55: 4 matches
X61: 14 matches
X71: 19 matches
X75: 1 matches
X81: 9 matches

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Accession passport data

Cowpea characterization

  • SHOW Days from planting to the notice of first flowering
  • SHOW Days from planting to first ripe pod
  • SHOW Pattern of pigmentation on plant (Moderate on base and tip of petioles, Extensive, None or Very pale, Almost Solid)
  • SHOW Pattern of pigmentation on flower (Completely Pigmented, Wing & Standard petal has pigmented margin, Wing pigmented petal has light V-shape pattern, None, Wing has pigmented upper margin; standard petal pigmented, Wing is pigmented ; Petal is lightly pigmented, Wing is pigmented; Petal is lightly pigmented)
  • SHOW Pattern of pigmentation on green pod (None, Pigmented tip, Uniform pigment, Splashes of Pigment, Pigmented Sutures, Pigmented valves,green sutures)
  • SHOW Plant growth habit (Prostrate: plant completely flat on ground: branches spread for several meters, SemiProstrate: Main stem upto 20cm or more above ground; branches spread 1-4m, Intermediate:most lower branches touch the ground, Semi-Erect: branches tend to be perpendicular to main stem but do not touch ground, Erect : branches less acute than above, Acute erect: branches form acute angle with main stem, Climbing)
  • SHOW Twining tendency (None, Moderate, Pronounced)
  • SHOW Growth vigor (Vigorous - Height < 37.5cm and Width < 75cm, Intermediate - Height > 37.5cm or Width > 75cm, Vigorous - Height > 37.5cm and Width > 75cm, Very Vigorous - Height > 50cm and Width > 1m)
  • SHOW Determinacy (Indeterminate main stem, Determinate main stem)
  • SHOW No of main branches
  • SHOW No of main stem nodes
  • SHOW Peduncle length (Short - average length < 5cm, Long - Average length > 5cm)
  • SHOW Raceme position (In all layers of canopy, In upper leaf layers, Above Foliage)
  • SHOW Terminal leaflet shape (Sub-hastate, Sub-Globose, Hastate (Lanceolate), Globose)
  • SHOW Terminal leaflet length
  • SHOW Terminal leaflet width
  • SHOW No of pods/peduncle (2 to 3, Less than 2, 4 or more)
  • SHOW Pod attachment to peduncle (Angle of 30° to 90°, Erect, Pendant)
  • SHOW Pod shape (Curved, Straight, Coiled)
  • SHOW Pod length
  • SHOW Pod width
  • SHOW No of locules/pod
  • SHOW Eye pattern (S00:Self Colored, W31:Watson blotched:dilute.blotches are much less pronounced. Flowering pigment pattern is 4, N40:Narrow Eye(Hilum ring).Eye fills the narrow groove(G.) around hilum(H.) & spills out of this G in front of the H for a short distance & presents an indistinct margin in front, H48:holstein 40 to 60:spotted keel. Similar to H40 with splashes of pigment on keel joining with the pigment of the eye, H30:Large eye to holstein.similar to H11 but splashes of pigment spilling over in front of hilum: the splashes having a distinct margin, A41:restricted hilum ring. similar to A40 but flower pigment pattern is 3., H38:Large eye to holstein.spotted keel. similar to H30 but with splashes of pigment on keel., A61:Similar to A60 but flower pigment pattern is 5., W11:Normal Watson, E10:Small eye.Eye encircles the back of hilum(H.) in a narrow ring:widens slightly at the sides of H. & extends in a straight band at either sides of H., A60:the eye fills the narrow groove all around the hilum. similar to Kabba (K) group but no specks on body. flower pigment pattern is 1., A20:line by hilum (H).straight:narrow band of pigment on each side of H: similar to E10 but pigment does not extend completely behind H., A40:small hilum ring. similar to N40 but eye more restricted in front of hilum.flower pigment pattern is 1., W30:Watson blotched.Large blotches of pigment from eye move onto body, W35:Watson speckled. Speckling tends to occur in blotches, N41:Hilum ring:specks similar to N40 but with specks distributed uniformly over body., E30:Small eye-large. similar to E10: but eye at sides of the hilum is wider than that of E10., E58:Broad eye:spotted keel.similar to E40 but with spotted keel., H60:holstein 60 to 80l. Pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 60-80% of the seed., A10:Eye absent, W55:Watson: nearly self colored. Eye covers almost entire seed except for small portion of micropylar end., K10:Densely speckled. speckles uniform over body, A70:eye starts in a groove at either side of the hilum and spills out slightly in front of it. flower pigment pattern is 1., K20:Lightly speckled. speckles uniform over body, N80:Hilum ring:speckled keel. similar to N40 but with specks predominantly on keel., H28:Large eye: spoted keel: dilute. Similar to H18 but with flower pigment pattern 1, H11:Large eye. Heart shaped eye: with indentation at front of hilum, H40:holstein 40 to 60.pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 40-60% of seed, W15:Watson with dark or speckled body, E50:Broad eye. eye is triangle:with the hilum inside: the front of the hilum resting on the base of the triangle., W20:Watson dilute.The margin in front of the hilum becomes more restricted, H80:holstein 80 to 95. Pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 60-80% of the seed., K30:Very Lightly speckled. speckles uniform over body, N44:Undefined, A42:limited hilum ring. similar to A40. differentiated definitely by crossing., N84:Hilum ring:lightly speckled keel. similar to N80 but with specks less dense., K38:speckled keel., A81:A thin line of pigment starts at back of the hilum (h) and moves along each side of it. A narrow clear space found b/w eye & H. Flower pigment pattern is 6., A85:similar to A81 but body is dark., H18:Large eye: spotted keel. Similar to H11 but with spotted keel, H29:Very Large eye. a large semi-circle of pigment almost covering each half of the seed: with the center of the beans of each semi-circle at the hilum, K10:densely speckled. speckles uniform over body, H20:Large eye: dilute. Similar to H11 but with flower pigment pattern 1, W50:Not defined in catalog)
  • SHOW Eye pattern code (S00, W31, N40, H48, H30, A41, H38, A61, W11, E10, A60, A20, A40, W30, W35, N41, E30, E58, H60, A10, W55, K10, A70, K20, N80, H28, H11, H40, W15, E50, W20, H80, K30, N44, A42, N84, K38, A81, A85, H18, H29, A30, H20, W50)
  • SHOW Eye color (T10:Tan or buff, R40:red, S11:Speckling on tan, T20:dark tan, B30:Solid black, M60:solid brown over tan, B45:black with light spots of red, W25:white body: tan eye, T60:brown, T41:light orange tan, W23:white body: mottled eye, M11:brown mottling on tan, W21:white body: black eye, X51:black spots with mottling on tan, W45:cream body: tan eye, M12:brown mottling on orange, R10:maroon, T57:reddish brown, W43:cream body: mottled eye, S63:Speckling on brown with clear areas, W41:cream body: black eye, T44:medium orange tan, B10:Purple, B20:Solid black: gray body, R70:pink, W40:cream body: used only with A10 eye, W65:brown splash on body: tan eye, T16:buff with blue tinge, W20:white body: used only with A10 eye, W61:brown splash on body: black eye, B71:blue covering tan, V11:Speckled with mottling on tan, S15:Speckling on red, S61:Speckling on tan with clear areas:as though speckles had erased with random strokes, X71:blue covering mottled on tan, M65:solid brown over red, X81:blue covering solid brown, W71:gray body: black eye, V71:solid brown with speckling on tan, M15:brown mottling on red, S62:Speckling on orange with clear areas, B51:black spots with speckling on tan, V15:Speckled with mottling on red, S65:Speckling on red with clear areas, W60:brown splash on body:used only with A10 eye, W22:white body: red eye, W42:cream body: red eye, W63:brown splash on body: mottled eye, B75:blue covering red, X55:black spots with mottling on red, X61:black spots on solid brown, W81:gray body with brown splash: black eye, V61:Speckled with clear areas and mottling on buff, V75:solid brown with speckling on red, X75:blue covering mottled on red, V62:Speckled with clear areas and mottling on orange, W70:gray body:used only with A10 eye, B56:black spots on red, W62:brown splash on body: red eye, W80:gray body with brown splash: used only with A10 eye, B41:black with light spots of tan)
  • SHOW Eye color code (T10, R40, S11, T20, B30, M60, B45, W25, T60, T41, W23, M11, W21, X51, W45, M12, R10, T57, W43, S63, W41, T44, B10, B20, R70, W40, W65, T16, W20, W61, B71, V11, S15, S61, X71, M65, X81, W71, V71, M15, S62, B51, V15, S65, W60, W22, W42, W63, B75, X55, X61, W81, V61, V75, X75, V62, W70, B56, W62, W80, B41)
  • SHOW Testa texture (S:Smooth, R:Rough, I:Intermediate, W:Wrinkled, P:Split, S-W:Smooth & Wrinkled, L:Loose, S/W:Smooth Eye;Wrinkled Body, I-W:Intermediate & Wrinkled, P-W:Split & Wrinkled, R-W:Rough & Wrinkled)
  • SHOW Seed size (810mg/10 seeds, 1400mg/10 seeds, 472mg/10 seeds, 2150mg/10 seeds, 48mg/10 seeds, 189mg/10 seeds, 2880mg/10 seeds, 117mg/10 seeds, 3370mg/10 seeds)
  • SHOW Seed length (Short - slightly longer than it is wide, Very Short - Length equal to Width, Intermediate - twice as long as wide, Long - thrice as long as wide, Very Long - at least four times as long as wide)
  • SHOW Seed thickness (Intermediate - thickness slightly less than the width, Flat - thickness two-thirds the width, Thick - thickness equal to width, Very Flat - thickness half the width)
  • SHOW Seed Crowding in pod (Semi-Crowder:slight indentation of seed ends, Non-crowder:no compression at all in pod, Crowder:marked compression of seeds, Extreme crowder:seed so compressd that width is greater than length)

Cowpea Evaluation

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