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Not specified: 1380 matches
A10:Eye absent: 250 matches
A20:line by hilum (H).straight:narrow band of pigment on each side of H: similar to E10 but pigment does not extend completely behind H.: 132 matches
A40:small hilum ring. similar to N40 but eye more restricted in front of hilum.flower pigment pattern is 1.: 497 matches
A41:restricted hilum ring. similar to A40 but flower pigment pattern is 3.: 250 matches
A42:limited hilum ring. similar to A40. differentiated definitely by crossing.: 37 matches
A60:the eye fills the narrow groove all around the hilum. similar to Kabba (K) group but no specks on body. flower pigment pattern is 1.: 391 matches
A61:Similar to A60 but flower pigment pattern is 5.: 309 matches
A70:eye starts in a groove at either side of the hilum and spills out slightly in front of it. flower pigment pattern is 1.: 162 matches
A81:A thin line of pigment starts at back of the hilum (h) and moves along each side of it. A narrow clear space found b/w eye & H. Flower pigment pattern is 6.: 4 matches
A85:similar to A81 but body is dark.: 1 matches
E10:Small eye.Eye encircles the back of hilum(H.) in a narrow ring:widens slightly at the sides of H. & extends in a straight band at either sides of H.: 749 matches
E30:Small eye-large. similar to E10: but eye at sides of the hilum is wider than that of E10.: 326 matches
E50:Broad eye. eye is triangle:with the hilum inside: the front of the hilum resting on the base of the triangle.: 258 matches
E58:Broad eye:spotted keel.similar to E40 but with spotted keel.: 16 matches
H11:Large eye. Heart shaped eye: with indentation at front of hilum: 45 matches
H18:Large eye: spotted keel. Similar to H11 but with spotted keel: 8 matches
H20:Large eye: dilute. Similar to H11 but with flower pigment pattern 1: 1 matches
H28:Large eye: spoted keel: dilute. Similar to H18 but with flower pigment pattern 1: 7 matches
H29:Very Large eye. a large semi-circle of pigment almost covering each half of the seed: with the center of the beans of each semi-circle at the hilum: 24 matches
H30:Large eye to holstein.similar to H11 but splashes of pigment spilling over in front of hilum: the splashes having a distinct margin: 62 matches
H38:Large eye to holstein.spotted keel. similar to H30 but with splashes of pigment on keel.: 26 matches
H40:holstein 40 to 60.pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 40-60% of seed: 102 matches
H48:holstein 40 to 60:spotted keel. Similar to H40 with splashes of pigment on keel joining with the pigment of the eye: 36 matches
H60:holstein 60 to 80l. Pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 60-80% of the seed.: 39 matches
H80:holstein 80 to 95. Pigment extends out in front of hilum from the large eye and covers 60-80% of the seed.: 34 matches
K10:Densely speckled. speckles uniform over body: 47 matches
K20:Lightly speckled. speckles uniform over body: 152 matches
K30:Very Lightly speckled. speckles uniform over body: 123 matches
K38:speckled keel.: 67 matches
N40:Narrow Eye(Hilum ring).Eye fills the narrow groove(G.) around hilum(H.) & spills out of this G in front of the H for a short distance & presents an indistinct margin in front: 1130 matches
N41:Hilum ring:specks similar to N40 but with specks distributed uniformly over body.: 119 matches
N44:Undefined: 1 matches
N80:Hilum ring:speckled keel. similar to N40 but with specks predominantly on keel.: 32 matches
N84:Hilum ring:lightly speckled keel. similar to N80 but with specks less dense.: 10 matches
S00:Self Colored: 4961 matches
W11:Normal Watson: 171 matches
W15:Watson with dark or speckled body: 109 matches
W20:Watson dilute.The margin in front of the hilum becomes more restricted: 81 matches
W30:Watson blotched.Large blotches of pigment from eye move onto body: 61 matches
W31:Watson blotched:dilute.blotches are much less pronounced. Flowering pigment pattern is 4: 23 matches
W35:Watson speckled. Speckling tends to occur in blotches: 19 matches
W50:Not defined in catalog: 1 matches
W55:Watson: nearly self colored. Eye covers almost entire seed except for small portion of micropylar end.: 10 matches

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