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Collection: Cowpea collection

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Not specified: 1470 matches
B10:Purple: 62 matches
B20:Solid black: gray body: 81 matches
B30:Solid black: 1151 matches
B41:black with light spots of tan: 7 matches
B45:black with light spots of red: 10 matches
B51:black spots with speckling on tan: 24 matches
B56:black spots on red: 1 matches
B71:blue covering tan: 163 matches
B75:blue covering red: 11 matches
M11:brown mottling on tan: 413 matches
M12:brown mottling on orange: 80 matches
M15:brown mottling on red: 50 matches
M60:solid brown over tan: 182 matches
M65:solid brown over red: 26 matches
R10:maroon: 188 matches
R40:red: 495 matches
R70:pink: 26 matches
S11:Speckling on tan: 460 matches
S15:Speckling on red: 56 matches
S61:Speckling on tan with clear areas:as though speckles had erased with random strokes: 30 matches
S62:Speckling on orange with clear areas: 3 matches
S63:Speckling on brown with clear areas: 35 matches
S65:Speckling on red with clear areas: 6 matches
T10:Tan or buff: 2012 matches
T16:buff with blue tinge: 255 matches
T20:dark tan: 994 matches
T41:light orange tan: 240 matches
T44:medium orange tan: 212 matches
T57:reddish brown: 274 matches
T60:brown: 534 matches
V11:Speckled with mottling on tan: 162 matches
V15:Speckled with mottling on red: 3 matches
V61:Speckled with clear areas and mottling on buff: 9 matches
V62:Speckled with clear areas and mottling on orange: 1 matches
V71:solid brown with speckling on tan: 21 matches
V75:solid brown with speckling on red: 4 matches
W20:white body: used only with A10 eye: 169 matches
W21:white body: black eye: 661 matches
W22:white body: red eye: 14 matches
W23:white body: mottled eye: 141 matches
W25:white body: tan eye: 687 matches
W40:cream body: used only with A10 eye: 78 matches
W41:cream body: black eye: 109 matches
W42:cream body: red eye: 9 matches
W43:cream body: mottled eye: 168 matches
W45:cream body: tan eye: 293 matches
W60:brown splash on body:used only with A10 eye: 2 matches
W61:brown splash on body: black eye: 4 matches
W62:brown splash on body: red eye: 1 matches
W63:brown splash on body: mottled eye: 1 matches
W65:brown splash on body: tan eye: 27 matches
W70:gray body:used only with A10 eye: 1 matches
W71:gray body: black eye: 10 matches
W80:gray body with brown splash: used only with A10 eye: 3 matches
W81:gray body with brown splash: black eye: 8 matches
X51:black spots with mottling on tan: 79 matches
X55:black spots with mottling on red: 4 matches
X61:black spots on solid brown: 14 matches
X71:blue covering mottled on tan: 19 matches
X75:blue covering mottled on red: 1 matches
X81:blue covering solid brown: 9 matches

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