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African Yam Bean collection

IITA African Yam Bean collection

Number of accessions: 372

Bambara Groundnut collection

IITA Bambara Groundnut collection

Number of accessions: 2144

Cassava collection

IITA Cassava collection

Number of accessions: 4359

Cowpea collection

IITA Cowpea collection

Number of accessions: 16460

Maize collection

IITA Maize collection

Number of accessions: 2324

Musa collection

IITA Banana and Plantain collection

Number of accessions: 442

Soybean collection

IITA Soybean collection

Number of accessions: 4948

Wild Vigna collection

IITA Wild Vigna collection

Number of accessions: 2001

Yam collection

IITA Yam collection

Number of accessions: 5918

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